Clackamas County announced its procedure for filing complaints for STRs that violate the regulations. This has been posted on their website. The relevant passages are:


Clackamas County encourages any residents/parties to cooperate directly to resolve conflicts arising from an STR. First attempts to remedy violations should be to contact the posted STR representative. If a person does not respond within 24 hours or does not adequately remedy the issue, the county should be notified. Further details:

  • Clackamas County reserves the right to immediately revoke registration if it determines an STR is a fire or life safety risk
  • Clackamas County reserves the right to review pertinent financial records or visit the STR to ensure violations have been resolved at any reasonable time
  • When noncompliance of the STR regulation is suspected, the county shall issue up to two warnings in writing
  • An owner that operates an STR without an approved registration or while suspended shall be subject to penalties

To report potential STR violations, please email

Clackamas County Website

MHLC asks if you send potential violations directly to the county, please also copy We want to ensure we have a record of complaints to collate these over time. We also want to make sure that multiple complaints against a property are properly escalated.

If you use our complaint form, then we will pass the complaint on to the county.

We remain concerned that the county has not yet awarded a contract for properly managing STRs in unincorporated Clackamas County and will be writing to them on this very soon on this topic.