The Church On The Mountain in Hoodland came alive on the 17th of November during the Hoodland Night Farmers Market, a charming rural gathering that celebrates local crafts and produce. Amidst the warmth of scented candles, the rich aroma of spiced cider, and the vibrant array of honey and farm-fresh produce, the Mount Hood Livability Coalition had a presence for community engagement.

At the Coalition’s table, the focus on bear awareness took center stage. Through engaging conversations and informative materials, attendees learned about the importance of responsible trash disposal and securing garbage to prevent bear-human conflicts. We handed out information sheets and bear-aware magnets, with the goal of STR owners providing the information to their guests.

In addition to raising awareness, the Coalition seized the opportunity to shed light on the new regulations affecting short-term rentals in the area. Visitors were informed about the latest developments, including the introduction of new county regulations, starting on the 6th of December.

Be sure to come to the next Hoodland Night Farmers Market on the 1st of December. A great opportunity to taste local produce, see local art, and meet the local community. You’ll be sure to enjoy the pumpkin pie, spiced cider, and the scent of candles and soaps!